TimeLog and sustainability

Three strategies for sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2023-2024, this focus has resulted in the following CSR strategies:

  • Happy employees
  • Better for business: Business Governance and Guidelines
  • A Strong Part of our Community

Three selected initiatives from our CSR strategies

TimeLog and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

TimeLog supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. In 2023-2024, we have a special focus on Quality Education, among other things through donations and our NGO partner programme.

In Q2-Q3 2023, we will launch an initiative to make it easy for our customers to track time on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Contact us if you want to learn more now.

NGO Partner Programme: When every hour counts

For NGOs and non-profit organisations, every hour you can cut back on administration means an hour directly to value-adding activities.

NGOs are often subject to extensive documentation requirements while keeping IT costs as low as possible. This may require a system for time tracking and project management.

TimeLog supports NGOs, schools and non-profit organisations with a 75% discount on TimeLog PSA.

Partners in our NGO Programme includes:

Sex og Samfund_transparent.png
Danmarks Naturfredningsforening_Square.webp
de grønne pigespejdere.webp

Your data - our treasure: GDPR compliance and IT security

Data is the heart of TimeLog PSA. Working hours, salary, sick leave, project numbers, customer information, emails and time consumption are just a fraction of the data our customers entrust us with.

That comes with a lot of responsibility.

That's why we go further than most to comply with GDPR, and to document all our processes and secure your data.

IT security, processes and documentation are something we work with every day and at all levels of the organisation. All employees are trained in security and awareness, and an external auditing company reviews our ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402 declarations every year.

How TimeLog works with data and IT security

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