TimeLog uses SSL encryption for optimum data security

Guarding your data


TimeLog’s hosting platform is located at the premises of our hosting partner, Netgroup.

Domain hosting and server maintenance are Netgroup’s specialities. They run a number of advanced data centres protected by 24-hour security surveillance, video-monitored access hatchways, redundancy power supplies and backup generators, advanced fire extinguishing and climate control systems, all of which are designed to protect the servers containing your data.

Quick data access 24/7

TimeLog Project runs on a virtual platform of dedicated resources (RAM, CPU and disk space) to which we own exclusive user rights. This allow us to constantly ensure that server capacity is sufficient to run TimeLog Project effectively, and, if necessary, upgrade our resources at a few hours’ notice within a few hours’ notice.

The entire hosting platform is fully redundant, i.e. Internet access, firewalls, hard drives and power supplies are doubled to ensure continuous operation in the event of downtime on individual hosting platform components. In addition to platform component redundancy, a backup hosting platform is ready at a secondary location in the event of downtime to ensure continued server operation.

TimeLog’s hosting platform has 99.9 % uptime.

Transmission security

TimeLog is accessed via an encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL). The encryption takes place with certificates from VeriSign. The encryption level is the same as that of several online banking systems. SSL encryption means that data transmitted between a registered TimeLog user and our system is encrypted to prevent unauthorised parties from picking up the transmission or parts thereof.

Backup and data storage

TimeLog Project features daily backup routines. The backup files are stored at a different physical address than the database server and are easily retrievable and restorable in case of an emergency. Our database servers are virtual and operate on a central data storage unit, allowing us to easily restore previous server data in the event of downtime. Even by eradication of our primary data center, we ensure a minimal loss of data and are capable of recreating your solution in the secondary data center.

Access to your private data

You can always access your private data; we don’t employ vendor lock-ins. Your data are just that, and they’re accessible to you at any time, regularly or as backups. Please contact our support department to receive running backup copies of your data.

We take our own medicine

At TimeLog, we use our own products exactly as described above.

TimeLog continuously work to improve and enhance safety on all areas - from encryption and backup to program codes and the servers' data handling.
Christoffer Lanstorp
Head of IT & Developement

At TimeLog data security is alpha and omega. Your are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our procedures or how we handle specific data.

TimeLog recommends:

  • At least Windows 8 or OS X
  • The latest version of Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 11
  • An Internet connection of at least 2048/512 kbps
  • Screen resolution of at least 1366x768 pixels
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or later


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