Data and IT security is part of our DNA

Our most important task is to protect the data that customers, business partners and employees entrust with us. Security is part of our company culture and solution architecture.

We work with security every day and at all levels of the organisation. All employees are continuously trained in security and awareness, and an external auditing company prepares our ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402 declarations every year.

GDPR approved by audit house

ISAE 3402 and ISAE 3000 are internationally recognised auditing standards.

They confirm the security and effectiveness of an organisation's IT landscape and that the organisation complies with all GDPR obligations.

Our GDPR reports are renewed every year

ISAE statements are renewed every year.

The result displays quality and reliability to our customers and that we continuously evaluate our work to improve and ensure the highest possible quality for our customers.


What is ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402?

TimeLog has achieved the ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402 declarations two years in a row.

ISAE is a recognised auditing standard that documents how TimeLog complies with GDPR regulations and our IT security procedures.

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Guaranteed uptime

When it comes to data, we know that the most important thing for our customers is:

  • Access to data
  • Data is secured from being lost
  • Data is protected from unauthorised access

That's why our hosting platform has a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, backup files are stored at a different physical address than the database server, and we have no vendor lock-in.

The latter means that you can get a backup of your data at any time.

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I would like to see a collective Danish front where we really take cyber security seriously and at the same time make it easier for companies. Of course, it's also up to us as companies to get it done.

It has to come from the very top, and the management has to go wholeheartedly into it. In TimeLog, we know it can be done.

Per Henrik (Pelle) Nielsen CEO, TimeLog
Anonymise former employees

With TimeLog, it is easy to anonymise former employees. This way, you comply with GDPR and can still use the data in analysing and reporting.

IT security throughout the supply chain
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Report a problem

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