• TimeLog offers overview and insights into our core business projects. Moreover, it’s a very user friendly and flexibly tailors to your specific needs.
    Teun Sluijters Managing partner Public Impact
  • TimeLog is intuitive, and there's a good connection between mobile, the desktop tracker and the web browser. And it's great that you can approve records and runs. So you can see what you have handled.
    Grith Høegmark CEO Einfach
  • Earlier, we found out too late, if we weren’t making profit on a project. Now we can react immediately. I can substitute employees to the project, if it isn’t staffed properly.
    Jacob Olsen CFO Mølbak

    TimeLog can be implemented in one day 

    We know that it's important to get off to a good start when purchasing new software for your business. That's why weve developed the concept "Get Started in One Day"  

    When we say that you can get started in one day, we actually mean it. Our experienced consultants will be happy to hold a one-day implementation workshop with you that covers all necessary points. As soon as you contact us, we'll quickly book a meeting between us and handle all the administrative tasks. After clarifying your needs, we'll assess together how TimeLog can best be implemented to suit your workflows. Before you know it, you'll be using TimeLog.