Become a part of TimeLog’s development process

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Welcome to a brand new world of feedback and input from TimeLog’s experts – you!

In TimeLog, we each day think of new ways to involve you in our development process and create the best possible releases for you. This we do with preview features.

Preview features are your option to provide early feedback and input to our major features while we develop them.

Our ambition is to be the world’s best PSA software. We believe that we with preview features open up for close cooperation with our customers that help us reach that target.

Our customers’ input and feedback are crucial for us to deliver relevant and user-friendly features. It’s the nutrition that turns our sprouting ideas into flourishing releases” - Christoffer Lanstorp, Head of Product Management.
Christoffer Lanstorp Head of Product Management at TimeLog

What is preview features?

Preview features are bigger functionalities that you can test and provide feedback to while we still develop them.

With preview features we want to include you as early and as much as possible in our development process. We want to make sure that what we develop covers your needs, not only at an overall level, but down to the very last detail which makes the big difference for you. We want to create a high quality TimeLog system together with you, which helps you streamline your work procedures and processes.

In addition, we want to ensure that you experience an easy transition to new processes in TimeLog, so things do not change over night without you being ready for it. With preview features, you can test the new features and decide when you are ready to take them into use in your daily work.

Our preview features are divided into two categories: Alpha and Beta features.

Become Alpha tester in TimeLog

Alpha features – Add your personal touch early in the development

Alpha features are for you who want to be first movers when we develop new features.

They are not 100% ready to be part of your daily processes yet, as not all parts of the feature are completed.

In Alpha features, we do not correct errors in test data, and you will experience that your test data is deleted as part of the further development.

The big advantage for you is that you can test early on and try out the new features without any risk of it affecting your existing data in TimeLog.

Become Alpha tester in TimeLog
Become Beta tester in TimeLog

Beta features – Get your data in play!

The advantage of Beta features is that they are ready for use in your daily work. This means that you can make use of them as every other feature in TimeLog, where your production data is used and updated.

Beta features are covered by the regular support flow. We can, however, not guarantee that possible errors are corrected within the same time periods as you know from regular support tickets, unless you experience data errors.

When most of our customers take the feature into use, it is released to all TimeLog customers, also to those of you, who have not taken it into use yet. We will keep you informed about the process.

Become Beta tester in TimeLog

Who can test preview features?

You decide who in your organisation should test features, which features you want to test and when you want to take a feature into use.

We recommend that you appoint one or more employees with the responsibility of your preview features, just like you have system administrators and TimeLog responsibles.

The responsible employees have the option to first test the different preview features and then provide access to test them for others in the organisation. If you want to know more about how you set up the tests, you can read more in our guide here.


How do we follow the development of the preview features we activate?

All preview features get their own page, where we e.g. describe the goal of the feature, which version it is applicable to and in which order we develop each separate part of the preview feature.

With our preview features we hope to help you get the best internal release process, where you have time to prepare the organisation for the changes and get a good start with the new opportunities.