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Who is TimeLog? 

We are a Danish software company, founded in 2001 and currently Denmark’s market leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) system. But we are nowhere near done. Our ambition is to be the world’s best PSA system. To achieve our goal, we need the best team players out there. That‘s why we always look for talented and passionate people to join our TimeLog family. 

Value #1


Value #1


To achieve our goals, we need to be on the same page. That’s why every good conversation starts with good listening in TimeLog – both in relation to colleagues, customers and partners. 

Value #2


Value #2


How many sides is there to a story? Can you be challenged on your own perspective? In TimeLog, we strive to understand each other, our customers and partners by putting ourselves in others’ shoes before acting. 


Value #3


Value #3


“None of us is as strong as all of us”. That’s why we believe in helping each other out through knowledge sharing, feedback and dedication to the task. 


Benefits & perks


We speak more than 15 different languages, some TimeLoggers are young, others a bit older, some have university backgrounds, others don’t, some are city people, others prefer the country life. But you can be sure that there is room for everyone.


Work from where you feel most productive and comfortable. Whether it’s from home, so you can pick up your kids faster, or from the office. It’s up to you!

Never stop learning

We offer training & development programs, because we want to see you succeed at work. Whether you strive to be the next Bill Gates or be a gold medallist in Customer Success, we got your back. Nothing is impossible! 

We are tea & coffee people

We have +25 different kinds of tea and our coffee machine is probably the hardest working machine in TimeLog. Afterall, Denmark and Sweden are top 5 coffee consuming countries in the world. 😉  

Fun & Danish 'hygge'

Beyond our yearly Christmas and Summer parties, we have done everything from virtual reality to croquis together. Every second Friday breakfast is served in good company, and we also like to challenge each other for an exciting foosball game. 

Lunch, snacks & ice cream

You’re not you, when you’re hungry! Our canteen serves delicious food with 30-60 pct. organic ingredients. Our office mom makes sure that the snacks drawer is full of healthy and sweet goodies. We also have a fruit arrangement and lots of ice cream to cool you down during the summer. 🍦

Family & friends

In TimeLog, we treat you as a family member and not an employee. Everyone knows each other and many of us are close friends outside work too. 💗

Tools & technology

We make sure that you get all the equipment and tools you need to do your work at the office, and we also make sure that your home office is properly equipped. 

TimeLog is nice & saves the ice

We use bicycles and public transportation whenever we can. We also work on how we can take responsibility in regard to the UN sustainable development goals (SDG). 

  • We have a very strong community in TimeLog. Some of us are really good at taking initiatives to social events and I feel there is a great support to such gatherings. I’m a social person who loves to enjoy a beer at our Friday bars. I think we live up to the Danish hygge.
    Niklas Poulsen Product manager
  • Two things that really characterise our culture is that we are very goal driven and solution oriented. We always want to improve and don’t stop before we reach our goals. That’s why we always identify a list of corrective actions and follow up on them, so we make sure that the job is done.
    Kasper Kosack Sales Manager
  • I love working in TimeLog because of the people! I lover that we are open minded and no day is like the day before
    Lucaas Taxgaard Team Manager Pre-sales

    Open positions

    Life at TimeLog

    Employees in TimeLog

    TimeLog has a strong feedback culture. We are good at listening and respecting each other’s opinions, no matter if we agree or disagree with one another. This helps me develop on a personal and professional level, because I always know what I do good and where I can improve my skills and competences.

    Melanie Rasmussen Customer Journey Manager
    Employees in TimeLog
    Employee reference about TimeLog

    In the morning, the first thing I do is kick off my shoes. Then I go to a meeting with our CEO and management – and nobody cares. Because at that meeting, we’re all about performance and how each of us can contribute to what we strive for. I really think that says a lot about the culture here – be who you are and be prepared to go for the gold.

    Andreas Petersen Digital Marketing Manager
    Employee reference about TimeLog
    Working in TimeLog

    Our decision-making process is very decentralised. Employees have a huge influence on their own role and work. In TimeLog, everyone takes part in developing our overall strategy. Our bottom up approach motivates me to do my best every day, because I feel a greater sense of responsibility of my work.

    Charlotte Schilling Office Manager
    Working in TimeLog
    Employee reference

    One of the things I love the most about working in TimeLog is the family like atmosphere. It gives me a feeling of belonging to a community, where we trust each other and always help each other out. Although we always have fun, we are also very goal driven and ambitious.

    Samine Alimohammadi Customer Communications & Event Manager
    Employee reference

    Meet us


    Our history

    TimeLog is founded

    Two entrepreneurs have an idea. "We're going to create the world's best time registration tool!". 

    The tool should bridge the gap that exists in the consulting industry: A single system that makes it possible to document your time, that is easy to use and that provides insight into the business. 

    2 + 1 = ❤

    TimeLog welcomes our first employee: Christoffer Lanstorp.

    He is fortunately still here and has gone all the way from developer to team lead to Head of Product Management today.

    We pop the cork!

    ... As we welcome our first 100 customers.

    We will rock you!

    TimeLog establishes itself as a market leader in Denmark within SaaS-based time tracking.

    Go East

    We join forces with Malaysia's best developers and open an office in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

    The Danish Vikings occupy their neighbours

    There are ten candles on the birthday cake!

    We open an office in Stockholm. From here, we help customers with everything from consulting to sales and implementation.

    As fast as lightning: Gazelle of the Year

    We humbly receive the Børsen Gazelle Prize, which honours Denmark's fastest growing companies.

    Victory dance for the new user interface

    We throw our arms in the air in celebration and smile from ear to ear.

    TimeLog is relaunched with a brand new design and a completely new user experience.

    Cake buy me love 

    We break our cake record. Our belts pop with a record number of 83 cakes consumed in the office (not counting the goodies in the canteen) - primarily strawberry tarts and chocolate cakes.

    That’s an average of 1.6 cakes a week.

    Now we're giving you the whole toolbox

    TimeLog transforms from a time registration tool to a best of breed Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution. New features and products also see the light of day.

    From all of us to all of you

    We introduce a free version of TimeLog: Time.

    Time is targeted at smaller businesses who want to gain control of working hours, but don't need project management or invoicing systems.

    Practice what you preach

    TimeLog ushers in a new era including a new CEO, even greater focus on customers and focused goal management.

    Never gonna give you up!

    40 of our customers have been with us for 15 years. We celebrate our crystal anniversary with cake, kisses and hugs.

    Entrepreneur Of The Year

    TimeLog is nominated for EY's "Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

    Ceeelebrate good times, come on

    The Nordic region's leading software investor, Viking Venture, has invested € 10 million in TimeLog. New adventures are on the way.

    TimeLog turns 20!
    It all started in a basement where two entrepreneurs got the idea of making the world’s best time tracking tool. Today, we are 56 employees, have +700 customers and offices in three countries. Oh, time really flies when you have fun!
    We make our first acquisition

    TimeLog acquires Danish competitor AutoPilot. AutoPilot is a market leader, and their solution is the de facto standard for architects and engineers in Denmark. The acquisition is also the first step towards more industry specific solutions in the TimeLog PSA platform. 

    +100 employees and 6 offices!

    With the acquisition of AutoPilot combined with strong organic growth in 2021 TimeLog now employees more than 100 employees.   

    We are excited to welcome you all - regardless of you're working from our office in London, Stockholm, Kuala Lumpur, Aarhus, Aalborg or Copenhagen.