We want to be the PSA solution that boosts your development

Our ambition is to be the PSA solution that enables you to get easy access to insights and analyses and even greater automation of everything that steals focus from delivering value to customers - along with easier ways to coordinate work across your company. 

Are you ready for the challenges your company faces? TimeLog CEO Per-Henrik Nielsen explains how we help consultancies adapt to an increasingly challenging market in this video.

One of the things we work on is making TimeLog an even more scalable PSA solution for companies with multiple legal entities.

See the features we have planned for you below. 

Check out our development sneak peek and release plan: 

TimeLog for companies with multiple legal entities

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How we support your global expansion

We support your international scaling and save you the bother of having to invest in a complex and costly ERP system.

Our add-on module Multiple Legal Entities provides you with optimal conditions for managing your legal entities with peerless transparency, flexibility and user-friendliness for your employees on a shared TimeLog site.


Do you want to test the features? 

We develop our product roadmap based on the feedback we get from our testers.

Sign up for our VIP user groups, if you want to influence the features we develop. 

We have no demands regarding your user level in TimeLog, we just want all your input on how we can make an even better PSA solution for you.