Why use TimeLog?

Value your time

TimeLog secures time is spent on value-creating activities that go hand in hand with your company’s strategy; we call it Value your time.

Working hours are a limited resource in today’s knowledge companies, so making the most of your time at work is vital. The goals are numerous: a high rate of invoicing, balanced workloads, efficient execution of investment strategies or just meeting deadlines.

At TimeLog, we believe that time registration is as unavoidable a cost for any knowledge company as the costs of rent, electricity and financial systems.

Having invested in a time registration system, naturally you want to exploit its full potential. In addition to using time registration as a means of supporting invoicing, salary administration and distribution of costs, it’s also a means of gleaning information on value creation, work behaviour, strategic and project drive, real work distribution, etc., etc.

At TimeLog, our mission is to optimise the way we use our time at work to meet our objectives – personal, project-related or business-oriented – without losing track and in an efficient way.

In other words, Value your time.

How much value have you added today? An important question, if you want to make the most of your resources. TimeLog is the answer.
Søren Lund Founder & Executive Business Developer at TimeLog

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Why TimeLog?

...Because TimeLog is designed to support the specific needs of consultancy firms for a system to track time and expenses, manage project finances and invoice contracts based on time and material, fixed prices or a combination of both.

...Because TimeLog gathers all the vital processes in a single system – and not a financial one. Also, the needs of the consultants – user-friendliness, functionality, flexibility and analytical features – are met without the influence of a financial system’s rules on accounts, bookkeeping, dimensions and transactions.

...Because the unique connection between time registration and invoicing found in TimeLog provides advanced analyses of company earnings, efficiency, productivity and rate of utilisation – with no administrative costs and in real time.

...Because TimeLog is designed to adapt to consultancy firms’ need for functionality, regardless of scope. Why not start modestly using just the time tracking feature and then adopt additional functions like invoicing, CRM functionality and resource management?

…Because TimeLog offers each employee a time tracking client that fits the preferred working method, and it gives a more exact time tracking.

Consolidating these key processes in a single system provides a unique connection between your company data, simplifies daily work processes and offers real-time information on monthly turnover. 

Get one compiled business system

TimeLog is developed with the specific aim of managing project finances and invoicing without being a full financial system. 

TimeLog offers standard integrations with commonly used financial systems like e-conomicMicrosoft dynamics NAV and Visma Administration. Our aim is for you to receive a coherent, user-friendly solution for your business, but at a significantly lower price than traditional ERP solutions. In this way, you experience a connected business solution that is easy to use and takes both project manager and bookkeeper needs into account; and at a significantly lower price than most traditional ERP solutions.

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