The Crona Lön integration enables you to easily transfer salary data from TimeLog to Crona Lön, so you save time on salary management. Read about the integration here.

Crona Lön

  • Integration Crona Lön

Easy salary data management

Provide both employees and payroll bookkeepers with the best tools to support their daily work and make sure that salary data is updated in time.

You employees enter their time, absence and flex in TimeLog, which is specialised in making time tracking easy and efficient. Via a file export you transfer the month’s salary data to Crona Lön for further processing.

By using the same salary codes both in TimeLog and Crona Lön, you can automatically transfer salary data each month with a simple click. The file-integration saves you time in both the salary management and you have correct salary data in time, so you avoid making errors on the payslips.

When the file export has been configured the first time you can easily generate a file that is imported to Crona Lön each month. Once you have linked Crona Lön and TimeLog, you are ready to continue your salary management, and your colleagues are no longer interrupted to provide salary data to you.

Benefits from using the integration:

  • Get updated salary data in real time
  • Save time on the monthly salary management
  • Avoid manual collection of salary data and typos when doing manual entries in Crona Lön
  • Give both employees and payroll bookkeepers the best systems in the market
  • Get the sense of working on one system only

More options with salary management

If you want to extend your salary management, you can use TimeLog Salary, where you can set up e.g. different flex rules. Here you can also manage in/out registrations and/or perform advanced flex management.

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