The LESSOR Løn integration for TimeLog

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Move away from heavy administration

More time and less administration with the integration to LESSOR Løn.

Utilise the efficient and user-friendly time tracking opportunities in TimeLog and export the salary time to LESSOR Løn. When you utilise the strengths of both systems, you get the most exact time tracking and salary management.

Escape difficulties and manual entries

TimeLog has made an integration to LESSOR Løn, which each months saves you the administration of salary data and manual entries. TimeLog’s file export functionality provides the opportunity to easily extract information about time tracking, holidays, flex and other absence from TimeLog, and transfer the data to LESSOR Løn with a simple, comma separated file.

In TimeLog you only have to create the same salary codes as you use in LESSOR Løn, so you can easily manage the salary administration. The file export makes sure that the data from TimeLog is places on the correct salary codes in LESSOR Løn.

Advanced salary management using TimeLog Salary

If you need advanced salary management, you can use our salary time management, which lets you control e.g. in/out registration and/or manage advanced flex administration for employees hired on a group contract basis. With this module, you can create the different flex rules you need.

Besides that, it is possible to create separate salary groups for different employee groups, e.g. employees hired on a group contract basis, or employees paid by the hour, where the salary codes match the single groups. In this way, the employees only see the salary codes relevant for them.

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