Advantages of having a strong password

How strong is your password?

We have previous emphasized the importance of using strong passwords for TimeLog Project. Now, a recent analysis of 32 million passwords conducted by security company Imperva, revealed that the most common password is 123456, while the 2nd most popular is the equally inventive 12345.

Here’s a few tip to secure your data by using strong passwords

Sort out passwords

Far too many users have unsecure passwords. Storage of passwords is often an equally big problem. Therefore, make sure your security policy includes rules on passwords.

In TimeLog Project it is possible to set up rules for which passwords can be used. Make sure the most simple passwords aren’t accepted (e.g. same password as user name, few characters) and that a certain password length is required. A strong password should contain letters, numbers and signs.

In addition to using too simple passwords, another common mistake is that people use the same passwords for both private and professional accounts. This can cause lapses in corporate security as most people either share their passwords with close friends, or their partner. Also, if a home computer is hacked and one single password used for everything, it is quite possible that this password will also enable the hacker to gain access to the victim’s work data/intranet.

Avoid “Master” passwords

Giving employees the same password when introducing a new IT system or having a generally applicable password is a bad idea. Even worse, is if passwords are constructed using a model (e.g. Delmar1, Delmar2, Delmar3 etc.)

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