TimeLog Project is now available in three different versions

TimeLog Project- Now in Three Different Versions

Due to an increased demand for both a simpler and a more complex system than the current TimeLog Project, we have chosen to offer TimeLog Project in three different versions: Team, Business and Enterprise. It will therefore be possible for all businesses to find a version that suits their needs exactly.

All three versions are based on the same platform and user-friendliness, however, the number of features and services vary, but common to them all is that it is possible to grow from, for example, a Team edition to an Enterprise edition if the need arises. Although there are differences in the number of features, all three systems are based on time tracking, project management and invoicing.

TimeLog Project Team is aimed at smaller companies in growth, where it is possible to have up to 10 users. Here some features are sliced off to make the system as simple as possible. With this edition there is no support or implementation, however both a user guide and various videos introduce users to the system.

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TimeLog Project Business is our most popular version and the version the other two systems has been modelled after. This version is the most known today, which allows you to manage more complex projects than in the Team Edition.

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TimeLog Project Enterprise is aimed at larger companies and contains extended functionality in comparison to our Business edition. This edition is intended for companies that want all Business edition features and an integrated division structure, unlimited support, a sandbox to test major releases, and an attached key account manager.

Want to hear more about TimeLog Project Enterprise? Please feel free to contact us for further information on tel 70 200 645 or write to us.

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