TimeLog's upcoming news for this spring

TimeLog will present exciting new products during spring

Soon the new TimeLog Project version 5.1 will be ready for release. Here, the biggest development is the new and improved TimeLog Tracker.

TimeLog Tracker 2

Compared to the old TimeLog Tracker, the new version incorporates significant improvements in design, functionality and usability – and as something new TimeLog Tracker 2 can be used on both Macs and PCs. We have built the tracker on a new technology (Silverlight) so we can continuously improve it.

Iphone application

In addition, we are in collaboration with Greener Pastures working on developing an IPhone application for tracking time. This builds on our new API for tracking time, like the TimeLog Tracker and will make it easy to track time on the road.

In addition to the current initiatives we will continuously present more news here on our webpage.

We are pleased to present the new features and hope you will enjoy them!

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