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Climate Friendly IT

TimeLog has in recent years initiated various actions to reduce our CO2 consumption.

Like many other companies TimeLog uses a set of values as a management tool and to communicate our profile. In 2008 we added the value "Environmentally friendly" to this set of values.

The value is slightly off in relation to the other values we work with, but we also believe that the IT industry has an important responsibility to not pass on a big climate bill to future generations. Everything included, the IT industry today produces about 2% of the total CO2 consumption which is the same as the aviation industry.

Therefore TimeLog A / S has launched a series of initiatives to reduce our energy consumption - and we figure that by writing about them here, they could perhaps inspire other companies to do the same, or we could get input on how we can do more:

1. We have put energy-reductions on the agenda and made it a goal in itself to reduce energy consumption.

2. Since 2005 we have used online meetings. We have to date held more than 1,000 meetings over the Internet. A large proportion of these meetings we would have flown to, if the possibility of an online meeting had not existed. We can see from our records that after we really started using online meetings, our travel activity has fallen dramatically.

3. TimeLog Project has in the course of time been sold both as a SaaS solution - on our servers in our data centre - and as an installed solution - on the customer's server(s). The SaaS solution is far more energy efficient because the load of many clients is spread over fewer, more powerful and dedicated servers. Today we primarily sell TimeLog Project as a SaaS solution.

4. We have adjusted our organization – using AutoPowerOff plug banks with USB sockets, to ensure even the most forgetful programmer turns off all equipment. We use energy saving bulbs, and have implemented a policy of turning off all equipment after work. Furthermore, we consider the energy load when considering whether to purchase new equipment, etc.

5. Our test and development server’s setup has been changed, so they go to sleep at night when there is no activity.

6. We are working on replacing the last parts of 32-bit code in TimeLog Project. This technical limitation prevents us from fully exploiting virtualization and creating a more efficient Cloud solution. Once this is ready, TimeLog Project can be hosted locally in the various markets we are in using services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3/EC2. This is a more energy-friendly solution than dedicated servers. Initially only our Team customers will be hosted by the cloud.

We use virtualization on our own development-and test-, and document servers.

These are examples of actions on our part. This is certainly not enough - and this post should not be seen as an excuse for not doing more. But unlike the airline industry the IT industry can easily go from being part of the problem to being part of the solution.

Do you have suggestions to further improve our practices then please send an email to info@timelog.dk.

If you want further information about the IT industry's challenges and proposed solutions, we recommend looking at the project Greening IT and following The National IT and Telecom Agency's recommendations.

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