Microsoft SharePoint og TimeLog Project integration

Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

KRING Development now offers Document Center for TimeLog – a standard integration between TimeLog Project and Microsoft SharePoint.

With Document Center for TimeLog, project work and customer management in TimeLog Project are combined with SharePoint’s document management. From TimeLog Project, files can be set up in SharePoint for each customer or project, allowing direct access to all SharePoint documents that are linked to individual projects and customers.

In addition to all the standard configuration features, SharePoint provides a classification of documents from customers or projects, downloaded directly from TimeLog Project.

Document Center for TimeLog offers two versions, either as a rented solutionhosted on DIR's servers, or as a "Solution Pack”, which can be installed on an existing SharePoint solution.

For employees, the integration signifies a streamlining of the customer and project work, so that the financial project management, scheduling, and time tracking from TimeLog Project are linked to document management in SharePoint. This creates increased overview and better cohesion for the individual employee, particularly for project staff.

Setting up the integration in TimeLog Project does not require technical staff. When you purchase Document Center for TimeLog from KRING Development, we receive a notification, and will activate the integration for you in TimeLog Project. The solution is now ready to use.

If you're interested in hearing more about Document Center for TimeLog, contactKRING Development, who have extensive experience in Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

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