TimeLog Project is now available on iPad

TimeLog Project for iPad

Apple’s iPad has a built-in web browser, where TimeLog Project runs quite smoothly. We’ve made some small adjustments for viewing TimeLog Project on an iPad, but fundamentally, the web app has worked without issue.

Why is this of interest? Because sometimes, working on an iPad is better than working on a PC. This is because an iPad:

  • turns on without having to boot up
  • is less intimidating at a meeting or sales call than a PC
  • weighs less, and is therefore easier to take with you
  • is more stylish.

iPads can now be used with TimeLog Project by salespeople on the road, in meetings to present reports, and in those fields where an iPad is just a natural fit.

Seen from a slightly broader perspective, we at TimeLog strive to make our products viewable in all browsers, on all platforms. We work to avoid solutions that only work in some browsers, or that require plug-ins that can't be expected to exist on all platforms.

We believe that the iPad is just the first of many new devices containing a browser that is not a standard PC. Whether it’s an Android tablet, new gadgets from Apple or Microsoft, or something completely different -- if it has a browser, TimeLog Project will work.

If you are already the lucky owner of an iPad, it can also be used when TimeLog conducts webinars.

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