A useful tip for reemployment of employees

Tip: Access for re-hired employees

When reinstating former employees, there are two possible ways to set up the re-hired employee’s access to TimeLog Project.

Activate the previous employee settings

When activating the employee’s previous setup, you access the saved information.

Under Main Menu -> System Administration -> Employees, choose “Inactive employees” from the drop-down menu, and click on the employee’s name.

Correct the current employee information, delete the former date of resignation, and enter the new employment date. Add a comment regarding the change, and click Update.

To avoid the employee being behind in the flex calculation, the flex account should be reset under Main Menu -> Management Reports -> Holiday/Flex/Absence Administration. Choose "New Adjustment" under Actions on the top right.

Create a new employee

The other solution would naturally be to create a new employee profile under Main Menu -> System Administration -> Employees and the “New employee” link.

Thomas Gudmandsen

Thomas Gudmandsen
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