We welcome our four new employees

TimeLog Hires Four New Employees

In 2010, TimeLog experienced a massive influx of customers. The growth is a direct result of a strategic focus to deliver systems for time tracking, project management, and invoicing for small and mid-size consulting companies in Denmark, Benelux, the U.K., and Sweden. In these markets, we see a significant increase in investment readiness, and a customer increase of 33% already in 2010. As part of this very positive development, TimeLog hired four new sales and marketing employees in the autumn of 2010.

Claus Løfberg has been hired as a Sales Consultant, responsible for sales to private and public companies in Denmark. Claus has years of sales experience from companies such as EazyProject, Kiss Technology, and Telia, and is incredibly knowledgeable in the area of sales of complex IT solutions, including web-based business solutions for consulting.

Katrine V. Grytter was hired as a Sales Consultant, responsible for sales to private businesses in Denmark and Sweden. Katrine recently obtained her Master’s in Economics and Business. She has been employed at TimeLog as a student worker since 2007, working with communications and marketing, which has given her a thorough understanding of TimeLog’s products and market.

Mary Liebowitz has been hired as a Sales Assistant. Mary is American, and has many years of experience in proactive marketing and sales from roles in New York and the Caribbean. Mary will be responsible for the preparation and quality of our English-language communication. Additionally, Mary will have the responsibility for raising the quality of TimeLog’s customer service to our four hundred customers, both large and small.

Kenneth Leleu Petersen, who is currently studying under the Multimedia Integrator Program at Roskilde Technical School, has been hired as a trainee. Kenneth already has solid experience developing web solutions and in web-based marketing, and he will be responsible for managing and developing TimeLog’s websites, but will also be putting his mark on TimeLog's upcoming product releases.

We welcome you all to the team!

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