9 new webinar videos for the Spring 2011

Webinar Program – Spring 2011

After the success of the autumn webinars, we have expanded the spring program to include 9 new subjects, so that we now offer 15 different webinars.


    • Introduction to TimeLog Business Edition
    • Introduction to TimeLog Team Edition
    • A Presentation of the Latest Features
    • ReRegistration of Time, Holiday, Reimbursables and Expenses
    • The Project Manager’s Toolbox
    • Reporting for Managers
    • The Billing Process and Financials
    • Managing Fixed Price Projects
    • Managing Voucher Agreements
    • Manage the Sales Department with TimeLog CRM
    • Managing Support Cases with TimeLog Help Desk
    • Pay Period Management with TimeLog Salary
    • Integration with TimeLog API
    • Standard Integrations


    Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you are not yet a regular user of TimeLog Project, but would just like to see the functionality available.

    The first Tuesday in every month, we hold webinars for everyone who would like an introduction to TimeLog Business Edition and TimeLog Team Edition. These webinars are both for new users, or someone who has not yet tried TimeLog Project.

    The first event will be Tuesday, February 1.

    Further information and registration

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