A new version of TimeLog Tracker for iPhone

Be prepared with an updated TimeLog Tracker for iPhone

As part of the preparations for TimeLog Project 5.4, there’s a new version of the TimeLog Tracker for iPhone.

To the user, it looks just the same as before, but it now also supports projects with phases in up to five levels, which will be one of the innovations in the upcoming version of TimeLog Project.

If you already have an iPhone 4, then TimeLog Tracker for iPhone is not exactly as it used to be. The graphics have been changed, so that it supports the super-sharp resolution of the Retina display.

Apple has approved the new version of TimeLog Tracker, which can already bedownloaded via iTunes, or directly from your iPhone. You should update TimeLog Tracker for iPhone as soon as possible, and before TimeLog Project is updated to version 5.4.

TimeLog Tracker for iPhone is created in cooperation with Greener Pastures.

Anders Brandstrup

Anders Brandstrup
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