An easy way to link documents with Internet Explorer 9

Linking documents with Internet Explorer 9

Using document links, you can link from TimeLog Project to documents located elsewhere. Documents could be located on a server in the business, the intranet, your hard disk, or in a service like Dropbox. Documents can be linked to from projects and TimeLog CRM, so that there is quick access to project descriptions, budgets, sales contracts, offers, etc.

The function can only be used with Windows and
Internet Explorer. We recommend that you update to the newest version, Internet Explorer 9, which is better than its predecessors, in all respects.

Internet Explorer 9 places new demands on safety,
if you want to link to documents from TimeLog Project, and you may have to make
changes to the settings of both TimeLog Project and Internet Explorer.

A secure connection to TimeLog Project

First, a System Administrator should ensure that
TimeLog Project uses a secure connection via a HTTPS protocol. This means that
the data that is transferred between the server and your browser is encrypted,
and that you must use "http“://” at the front of the address instead of


In TimeLog Project’s System Administration, you'll find the section Security and Access in the group General. At the top of the page, you can tick the box next to Access only permitted via a secure connection (https). You can only do this if you
have logged in using a ”https://”. Click the link in the help text, if you are not yet already logged in on a secure connection. Click on the Update button, and instruct all TimeLog Project users to log in using https://.


Make TimeLog Project a Trusted Site

Add TimeLog Project to your list of Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer. Trusted sites are a list of websites that you trust will not cause harm to your computer or documents.

  • Choose the Function menu and Internet settings, or click the gear symbol to the far-right of the browser window, and choose Internet options.



  • Click the Security tab in Internet options.
  • Click Trusted sites, and then the Sites button.



  • In the new window, enter the address for TimeLog Project, such as "",
    "" or "". You can find the address by checking the address line in Internet Explorer.
  • Click the Add button and TimeLog Project will be added to the list of trusted sites.
  • Click Close and then OK.



You can now link to documents and files directly from TimeLog Project. Remember that if you move the document, you need to update the address in TimeLog Project, so that the link will still work.

Anders Brandstrup

Anders Brandstrup
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