TimeLog Tracker is now ready to make its for Android phones

TimeLog Tracker for Android

TimeLog Tracker is now ready to take on Android phones. From today, TimeLog offers the new app to all Android users.

This adds another member to the mobile time tracking tools, which already include TimeLog Tracker for iPhone. The purpose of mobile time tracking is to make it as easy as possible to track time on the road.

Track time – even if you are offline

Although TimeLog Project is a web-based system, we have made it possible to record time – even when the phone is offline or there is no signal. When the phone comes close to a 3G network, it automatically logs onto TimeLog server and then proceeds to synchronise data. In this way, employees who are travelling or for some other reason find themselves in an aerial "hole" will be able to track time, even if the connection to the server is down temporarily. This means that TimeLog users will not be bothered by internet outages, except to the smallest possible extent.

Attractive design and user friendly interface

TimeLog and its partner in development, Greener Pastures, are putting an emphasis on creating a sleek and intuitive design that is easy to operate and maintains focus on what really matters – the time tracking. With the new Android app, you can track time right away without having to select a project, making the time tracking easily accessible. The clock starts and stops at the touch of button, meaning that you can easily add time to a given task and write comments on all registrations.

TimeLog Tracker for Android can be downloaded from Google Play, logging in with your normal username and password.

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