Integration for financial systems

File integration for all financial systems

Using our export feature for invoice lines, you can save a lot of time on invoicing. The export feature is set up once to match your financial system.

Exporting invoice lines

Thousands of financial systems on the market offer just as many file formats for importing data. TimeLog Project 5.6 features customised invoice line export to match your financial system’s import requirements. Through a general setup of this export feature, you’ll soon be exporting neatly presented data matching the file formats of your workflows.

This way, you save time on manual processes and can transfer invoices to your financial system. The only prerequisite is that your financial system supports file importing.

Customising invoice line exporting

The export feature needs to be configured on two levels to match the import requirements of your financial system:

  • General properties, such as file format, data format and decimal places.
  • The order of data on invoice lines, and which columns to include in the export.

Configuration is done in Financials > Invoicing > System Administration. The export feature is located under Management Reports.
If you prefer us to handle format configuration, please contact for an offer based on the import requirements of your financial system.

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