Use time tracking as a motivator, and boost employee satisfaction

On-time time tracking as a motivator and performance driver

Use TimeLog Project reports as an internal motivation driver, and increase your company’s invoicing percentage.

Some US companies have “Employee of the Week/Month” schemes, granting the title holder certain privileges following the award. These examples have given rise to a lot of amusing stories – and some shocking ones about equally hard-working colleagues who were passed over.

The Scandinavian model

This kind of employee scheme is usually adopted only in highly competitive Scandinavian companies whose salary agreements are more or less based on results or provision. Today, the majority of sales representatives receive a base salary, which is adjustable for bonus and provision schemes. At TimeLog, we believe that employee motivation should be based on professional and respectful grounds with achievable goals for all. This applies to our own way of remunerating employees as well.

Time registration as a motivator

Today, many consultancy firms focus on invoicing percentage and hours spent on customers. In the wake of the recession, many companies have been forced to close or declare bankruptcy, which has led to widespread “tightening up” in many companies. With the right approach, however, time tracking can become something of a motivator. Using the TimeLog Project report “Precision in time tracking” at employee, department and corporate levels, time tracking can be used as a means of promoting time registration, e.g. as a form for company competition.

A tell-tale to increase efforts

The “Precision in time tracking” report shows how much time has passed between completion and time tracking of events. Do some employees consistently time track too late? A friendly competition between company departments may be just the thing to get a particular group of employees going – and improve their performance. Collective awareness of time registration is improved, if the motivation ultimately benefits the entire department or even company, not just a single employee. After all, who wouldn’t like to win a fun night out for everyone in the department or team building day for the entire company?

Involve everyone, and foster the positive approach

We all want success. With TimeLog Project’s reports, what it takes is right there on the screen. If time tracking is done on time (preferably during a project), successive events such as invoicing will become more precise as well. In other words, an employee’s time registration potentially affects not only their own statistics but the overall performance of the company too. From the point of view of management, focusing on time registration in a timely fashion boosts company performance as well as internal department success.

Anette Bangsfelt

Anette Bangsfelt
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