TimeLog Project’s redistribution of time.

Correct time registration and accurate invoicing

Precise invoicing is vital. Not just for invoicing and revenue purposes, but for the company image too.

Before invoicing a customer for a completed project, the underlying data needs to be accurate. Often, it’s the job of the project manager to ensure that invoice data are precise and in accordance with customer contracts and specification requirements prior to sending out the invoices. Any mistakes in employee time registrations are potential issues. Thankfully, these can be avoided using TimeLog’s "Redistribution of time report".

Redistributing time registrations: the benefits

The main benefit of redistributing time registrations is not much of a surprise if you’ve managed projects before. Invoicing precision peaks when time registration does, which can be ensured by redistributing time registrations. Say a project manager makes a mistake and tracks his time incorrectly, e.g. at project level instead of task level. A mistake of this kind can easily be corrected before creating the invoice. As a matter of fact, this is even possible after the weekly timesheet has been closed. As a result, this feature gives project managers maximum flexibility.

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The "Redistribution of time" report is available in TimeLog Project from the Project administration section by clicking the Redistribution of time link. Select customer, project, employee and the period containing the time registrations to be moved. TimeLog Project will then list all employee time registrations for the selected period. Use the drop-down menus to select the target project and task for the selected time registrations. This also facilitates splitting each individual time registration in two separate project tasks.

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Revising the time employees spend on events and projects is best done before invoicing. By generating reports with exact data in table form, project managers have a clear view of their projects, invoices are more precise and ultimately customers are happier – and your image an honest, trustworthy partner and supplier is enhanced.

Anette Bangsfelt

Anette Bangsfelt
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