The top three reasons for joining a TimeLog event

The top three reasons for joining a TimeLog event or MeetUp

Why join a TimeLog event? In this blog entry, we’ve listed the top three reasons.

TimeLog Project is an organic piece of software, constantly changing. Ongoing updates, new features and integrations contribute to a system which is constantly improving and pushing the boundaries of everyday workflows and routine tasks. TimeLog’s mission is to make time tracking as unobtrusive as possible, which means constantly striving to improve your user experience.

TimeLog Project is more than just a system

Each year, TimeLog hosts four to six events with the aim of offering our customers more than just a system for time registration and project management. We could settle for sending out an email now and then, and then leave it to our customers to purchase new knowledge in the form of workshops and similar training. However, these are neither the kind of values we want to promote nor keep. To us, a product is more than a commodity.

The top three reasons for joining a TimeLog MeetUp or seminar

A fruitful dialogue gives food for thought
A TimeLog event isn’t just about presenting new features. A cosy atmosphere and some light refreshments allow you to unwind and enjoy yourself. Reflect on new inputs, share experiences and be inspired to scrutinise your own workflows. In particular, MeetUps serve as a forum for sharing experiences and best practices with customers and TimeLog employees alike. This way, the event becomes an informal means of knowledge sharing for all TimeLog Project users.

Of course, efficient time tracking and project management is at the top of the agenda – now and tomorrow. However, one chat follows another, and before you know it, you’ll have discovered that the person next to you offers some interesting solutions – or vice versa. Perhaps a new partnership is in the offing, or maybe an exchange of networks and interests? Most of our customers are consultants, which is why a TimeLog event is the perfect opportunity not just to share experiences, but also to exchange business cards.

New features, new knowledge: from the maker’s mouth
All TimeLog employees are experts in their respective fields. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the latest – and upcoming – features from our development manager. In other words, a TimeLog event is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of tomorrow’s features before everyone else!

In addition to presenting new features and a roadmap, it’s the perfect opportunity to get answers for any TimeLog Project questions.
The next event is a seminar on 23 November in Dansk Arkitektur Center, Copenhagen. The full-day, free-admission seminar will include presentations of new features, including foreign-currency projects and development plans for TimeLog Project.

See you there?

Anette Bangsfelt

Anette Bangsfelt
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