TimeLog is on Twitter: read our post on effective customer service

Why we’re on Twitter

Like many other companies, TimeLog is active on social media. The main reason is that they have a lot to offer – which this blog post illustrates nicely.

Danish companies use social media for a whole host of reasons. Some even employ so-called “social media managers” to manage their activities on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn. For many B2C companies with Facebook profiles, social networking channels provide a means of gleaning consumer needs and consequently expanding customer service. “Monitoring services” abound, often free of charge, which also accounts for their soaring popularity in recent years. Tweeters, Facebookers, etc. naturally cherish network community exchanges – a unique opportunity for companies to get messages across and thus influence social-media users.

New demands for updated data and communication

Social media impose special requirements on company communication, be it internal or external. Often, submitting press releases to Thomson Reuters or other news agencies doesn’t cut it. News delivery times have shrunk dramatically since the invention of the Internet and its consequent flooding of news media, but for a political career or a company image, all it takes is a few hours or days to become the prime target for social network users – and they shoot to kill. Quite understandably, many companies opt out of these social networks otherwise praised by media experts.

B2B – which is the social network for us?

Today’s media landscape – including the social media geography – is such a vast melting pot of solutions that getting lost in them is as easy as falling off a ladder. Having a social media profile for every service out there is seldom productive, so getting your priorities straight and locating the channels that prove most helpful for your company’s profile and products is the road ahead. Being a B2B company, we’ve chosen to put our money on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. And yes, we don’t just use these media – we monitor them as well.

Social-media monitoring: a guiding star

A few months ago, TimeLog discovered the hidden power of social-media monitoring. Using the monitoring tool Twilert, we came upon a severely frustrated customer expressing his, er … opinions on TimeLog Project’s e-conomic integration.

Thanks to our “Twitter surveillance camera”, our customer service manager was able to quickly localise the customer, get in contact with him and find a solution that worked perfectly for both parties. As a matter of fact, the customer even praised TimeLog’s efficient customer service to his followers. This kind of personal recommendation is priceless. One can only hope to earn it. If it does happen, though, it’s of greater value than all the media-expert coverage in the world because it’s personal.

At the end of the day, who would you prefer your recommendations came from; the salesman or a colleague?

Anette Bangsfelt

Anette Bangsfelt
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