Setting up TimeLog Tracker for iPhone and Android smartphones

How to find the TimeLog Tracker url on your iPhone and Android smartphone

Congratulations! You’ve downloaded TimeLog Tracker for your smartphone. You’re ready to log in and enjoy the benefits of on-the-go time tracking. But then you realise you need a URL to get started. Now what?!

One-time log-in

Once you’ve created your unique link, you need never do it again; simply tell the app to save your log-in credentials. This lets you skip the log-in, at least until a newer version is installed.

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Why do I need a URL?

TimeLog Tracker for iPhone and Android smartphones requires a unique URL as well as your username and password (the ones you use to log in to TimeLog Project). The reason is that your time registrations need to match certain system settings – one of the prerequisites of providing real-time data for project managers. Furthermore, using your TimeLog Project log-in enables synchronisation with the system once connected to the mobile data network.

How do I find this URL?

Your unique URL is the link, you normally use in your browser. If you’ve forgotten this URL, probably because you’ve bookmarked TimeLog Project, you need to locate and open the URL in your browser. The URL is found in the browser’s address bar. Your URL is unique for your company and must be entered into a specific field in your smartphone app.

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Why do I need an app to track time?

You should be able to track your time, whether it’s at your workstation, on your smartphone or even if you use TimeLog Help Desk. Precise time registration yields precise invoicing, it provides your company with a clear view of resource allocations and it hones your prioritisation skills. If time registration is done right, your company will discover the growth that everyone’s talking about, but so few actually experience Act now and stimulate immediate growth.

Thomas Gudmandsen

Thomas Gudmandsen

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