Merry Christmas

Thank you all for an exciting year!

The year of 2012 offered more than 100 new customers, 8 new Timeloggers and countless product news.

Yet again we reached the end of the year! This year we are very happy to welcome more than 100 new customers into our customer portfolio. We are also happy to find that TimeLog’s customers are growing in terms of the number of users for the third year straight.

TimeLog itself has grown by over 20 per cent on business as well as in staff. We are now 29 employees in Malaysia, Stockholm and Denmark, who are all more than ready to provide service and realize the coming year’s objectives on product and business processes.

This year’s biggest news

The biggest news in 2012 have for many of you not been in relation to the product, but the transition to a new and faster virtual server solution. We have received a lot of positive feedback from you, describing how you have experienced the significantly faster responding and improved stability in all aspects of TimeLog Project.

Concerning the product, we have had much focus on improving TimeLog Project on the areas of resource management, time tracking on mobile phones, integration, currencies, price lists and last but not least performance, stability and quality. We have invested approximately 10,000 hours on these areas – a work scale that is not expected to change in 2013.

Focus on the individual user in 2013

In 2013 the four large product investments will be the development of a new fast weekly time sheet, a reporting system from the project worker to the project manager concerning remaining budgets (ETC), a brand new modernized navigation together with a front page of the product and standard integrations with the four large financial management systems in Denmark and Sweden.

Furthermore, in 2013 our focus is on improving the user experience of the individual user on all the existing modules in TimeLog Project. It must be easier to carry out usual functions, such as time tracking, creation of projects and allocation of resources or changes in time plans. Generally, all processes, which are most active, will come under close scrutiny.

We all hope that you will enjoy our many upcoming news and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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