Download TimeLog Tracker for iPhone and Android

Download TimeLog Tracker from our new download section

With all our TimeLog Tracker desktop and mobile solutions in one place, our new download section is a promising addition. For you, this means no more searching for your TimeLog Tracker download link for your Android, iPhone or desktop device

Converging our applications

In TimeLog Project, you can easily locate the various TimeLog Tracker apps from our new download section. The main menu will feature a link to the new section from which you can download TimeLog Project.

Additionally, the section offers direct access to user guides on installing and using TimeLog Tracker for
Android, iPhone and desktop computers, as well as download links to the App Store and Google Play. The new download section will replace the previous desktop-only section, and has been moved to the Registrations menu item in the main menu.  

timelog tracker 


Updated TimeLog Tracker app

Our TimeLog Tracker app for iPhone and Android has just been updated with minor bug corrections. The new version is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.


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