Effective project management with TimeLog Project Enterprise Edition

Improved project management with TimeLog Enterprise Edition

Free support, own test site, added features and personal support contact. What’s your favourite?

Considering TimeLog Project Enterprise Edition? From an intuitive user interface unlocking the system’s full potential of added features to free support throughout your subscription, the Enterprise Edition is packed with benefits.

Free support: enjoy the full range of TimeLog services

At TimeLog, going the extra mile for our customers is an essential part of our business. And, right from the start, we’ve focused on providing outstanding customer service and speedy support. Because once the entire system has been implemented and the first questions start to pop up, where do you turn?

Some of our Business Edition customers are more comfortable using our online help tools and an hour’s free support every three months. Others prefer to rest assured that personal support is available no matter when it’s needed. TimeLog Enterprise Edition not only offers free support throughout your subscription, it includes a personal support contact as well, providing you with a single point of contact for any support need that may arise.
Feel free to contact us at info@timelog.com, and find out more about our support and customer service offers for Enterprise customers.

Reap all the benefits of the system and your own test site

Looking to test a few features before going live with the entire organisation? Need to train fledgling project managers before throwing them in at the deep end?

TimeLog Enterprise Edition lets you access a private test site for testing various system features at your leisure before deciding whether to activate them in your company system. One example is the new TimeLog Project resource planner, which replaces the old workload report and is easily activated or deactivated. If the entire organisation is used to the old workload report, however, testing the new resource planner might be the way to go before rolling it out in-house. 

Using your own test site, TimeLog Project can either copy existing data from your active system or function on a clean-slate basis. With the former, you run the risk of mistaking one site for the other and working in the wrong system. With the latter, data transfer from the existing company system is a time-consuming process. Whatever the choice depends on your purpose and your company structure.

Added features in TimeLog Project Enterprise Edition

TimeLog Project Enterprise Edition offers all the features of the Business Edition – and then some. Additional features include TimeLog department structure as well as currency management. Using TimeLog Departments, you can divide your company into as many as four levels and as many departments as you require. Also available are ABC analyses (Activity Based Cost), providing overviews showing which employees are working on which department projects.

Furthermore, you can analyse across multiple departments simultaneously, supplying easy data for any interdepartmental invoicing. 

Foreign activities or organisations?
Try TimeLog Project’s multi currency feature

With the new currency feature in TimeLog Project, you can split your business into markets based on currency and/or price list. Projects and invoices are automatically connected to customer currencies, as are hourly rates on customer price lists. This makes it easy to use separate prices for foreign services in dollars or euro, while maintaining local-service invoices in Danish kroner.

The currency feature provides a range of reliable benefits, as the currency follows the customer from preliminary sales work to project management, invoicing, and even expense management, without having to make tedious calculations and data extractions for conversion.

You select the currency you wish to use for reports. And for any employees stationed abroad, their hourly rates can be adapted to conform with your currency of choice. Senior consultants may be costly in Denmark, but work for significantly lower rates in other currencies while abroad.
Separate price lists with different currencies offer many possibilities and address the most frequent issues faced by international organisations.

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