Full overview of projects with the new all inclusive project report

All inclusive: The project overview report

Just like the Time Registrations report has had a major facelift, the complete Project Overview report featured in TimeLog Project 5.7 has seen numerous improvements. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new billable hours variable to show the number of potential billable hours.

It is easy to access the new Project Overview report from each project through the shortcut menu on the right in the system. Like the redesigned Time Registrations report, the complete project report has undergone expansions and visual improvements to show key project figures.

New variable: billable hours

Billable hours is a new factor in the project report, which essentially shows a project’s “invoicability”. The figure shows the percentage of hours registered on billable tasks. This feature shows the allocated invoicing percentage compared to the actual number of invoiced hours, as some hours may have been depreciated or made non-billable during invoicing.

Full Project Overview

No panic: all variables have tool tips

Each of the above key variables (including billable hours) features a tool tip explaining how it was calculated and what purpose it serves. Hover over a figure to see a box explaining its usage and source.

Direct invoice access

The project report also features direct access to project invoices, providing you with immediate and crucial details. Needless to say, countless hours can be saved using this feature.

How do you take your figures?

Do you prefer project details based on registered, estimated or invoiced values? You choose the basis of the KPIs shown in your report. Furthermore, you can choose to have your key figures correspond with your TimeLog Project currency feature.

Like the new time registration report, you can save your searches and eliminate those bothersome re-entries in the segmentation feature. We hope this will streamline your everyday workflows.

Print reports for in-house meetings

Our new printable style sheets for this report will have your report looking splendid and ready for your in-house status meetings. Each section is printed on a separate page, allowing you to select which data to include by hiding the sections to be omitted.


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