The new operational status box

New feature: TimeLog Project operational status

View operational status and scheduled updates on

This new box is found in our website’s user guides and security and operational status sections. If you’re ever curious about the operational status of TimeLog Project, simply go to to find out if any scheduled updates are in progress or whether operational status is normal.

Useful for scheduled updates

In the event of any scheduled system updates, we’ll alert you in due time. A day or two prior to any large server-based update, the box on our website will turn orange or red, notifying you when and how system maintenance will affect your business. The same applies to installation of large patches. We will also notify your relevant contact by email of any server updates a week in advance.

If you would like to receive these service emails, go to our website and subscribe to our newsletter, and check the option to receive maintenance updates.

Offline use

If TimeLog Project is down due to an unexpected occurrence, we’ll inform you as soon as possible – and we’ll tell you when we expect the system to be online again.

Check out the new operational status box »


Anette Bangsfelt

Anette Bangsfelt
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