New time registration report

New time registration report consolidates every KPI

The Time Registrations report in the project administration section has always been one of the most popular tools for getting a clear view of individual employees’ time registrations. With TimeLog Project 5.7, we’ve expanded the report to provide all the data you need in one place.

TimeLog Project 5.7 offers a quick and easy overview of all the necessary time registration data for each employee, project and department. The Time Registrations report in the Project Administration section provides all the relevant data in a clear, well-organised layout. Dubbed “the mother of all time tracking reports” by the TimeLog team, the report can contain every single piece of data available in the system.

New report features

We’ve added a host of new features to the report. Among other things, it’s now possible to see if individual time registrations are billable. Another new feature shows you whether a time registration on a billable task has been made non-billable – or whether a time registration on a non-billable task will be made billable for invoicing.

The new log feature now shows when individual time registrations were entered and by whom, as well as when and by whom they were edited, e.g. by using the system’s project coordinator role, which enables “proxy” time registration.

If your company uses the new currency feature in TimeLog Project 5.7, time registrations are of course available in their respective currencies as well as the exchange rate in case of any differences between the date of revenue booking and the date of invoicing.

Full Time Tracking Report

Save searches, save time

A few months ago, we launched our Resource Planner, an improved grouping tool/search engine, offering maximum freedom in setting the data complexity and the scope of the resource overview. The same applies to the redesigned Time Registrations report, in which the top module provides the same freedom to select the optimum data sorting method for your company. You can then save your search to quickly retrieve the same data in the future, thus saving time. Save all the searches you like – it doesn’t get any easier.


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