New user guides for SharePoint and importing expenses

Three new user guides

New user guides for SharePoint integration, importing expenses and formatting import files.

We’ve just updated our user guide section at, which now covers two new areas with the three user guides.

Setting up the SharePoint/TimeLog Project integration

You may have heard of our SharePoint integration feature, which allows you to link documents to customers and projects in TimeLog Project. The new SharePoint user guide will tell you how to set up the SharePoint/TimeLog Project integration for easy online data sharing.

Importing purchase and expenses data

If your financial system contains invoices, travel expenses, etc. ready for import into TimeLog Project and subsequent invoicing, simply import a comma-separated export file into TimeLog Project. Learn more about importing TXT or CSV files into TimeLog Project and linking them to your projects by reading our user guide.

You’ll also find a formatting guide on importing expenses, which outlines the format requirements for the file to be imported into the system.


Read and download all three user guides here:



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