Financial resource management – see the value of hours in euro

BETTER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - see the revenue forecast

TimeLog's resource planner has a new smart feature - the option to see the financial value of the hours.

The revevnue forecast in the resource planner is for you who wants to see all your planned hours and estimates in either hours or value. The financial dimension therefore also shows the financial delay if plans are postponed or if you need to redistribute work.

Here you can see an example of how you see the revenue forecast:



See the revenue forecast of the period

You can choose whether the overview should be in hours or value and if you choose value, you can also choose what currency it should be shown in. We have on the same time expanded the columns with an hourly rate column, which on the overall employee level shows the average hourly rate for all projects. If you go into detail, it shows the hourly rate per task.

With this option, you will get the same overview over the coming period’s revenue forecast. Therefore, you have a perfect tool to create an increased focus to keep the time and task estimates, since additional urgent tasks can entail revenue losses in near future. 

Christoffer Lanstorp

Christoffer Lanstorp
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