TimeLog Project 5.8 - read more about the new QuickCreate function


One of the major new features in TimeLog Project v5.8 is the option to create a new project within 30 seconds. With the new set up options you only need costumer and project name to get started.

With the new QuickCreate function in TimeLog Project v5.8 it's possible to create a project and allocate resources in only 30 seconds. The video below shows you how to get started:


Fast allocation and division of tasks

In a single pop-up window, which can be accessed from almost all interfaces in the system, you can create a new project with a few clicks and within seconds allocate resources and set up tasks. There is a link to this quick project feature called QuickCreate directly from the Weekly timesheet or the Detailed timesheet. This enables you to create a new project without leaving the time registration page.

Even if the project belongs to a new customer, it's possible to set the new customer up directly from QuickCreate, in order for you to save time and clicks and get started without any obstacles. Afterwards you just go to the customer card and fill in the obligatory details.


Quick -create -project

Simple project administration

Another new feature is found on the top of the project card where it's now easy to change the project status directly from the green “in progress” button. This way you do not have to click your way from tab to tab to execute everyday operations on the project. In TimeLog Project v.5.8 we have optimized a number of daily operations to make your everyday life much easier.

Moreover, it is no longer necessary to set up a task manually before you can track time on the project. Instead you can make a default setting under System administration -> Projects -> Settings, where you can choose if the task on the new project should:

  • Be named the same as the project
  • Be set up manually, since it differs from time to time
  • Be named something specific, e.g. "consultancy" each time (which can always be set up afterwards)

When you work on a project, a new icon shows which tasks are billable. A smart end useful feature that makes everyday life easier and gives you a far better overview.

The new functionalities help you save time in the setup and at the same time it's possible to use the project for simple hourly/case management.

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