Time tracking with punch clock function


For customers with the TimeLog Salary module it is now possible to login and start time with a new smart punch clock. Furthermore it is now possible to choose which of the three salary time trackings each user should use.

The new functions belong to TimeLog's salary time management and with the new graphical punch clock you can log in when you arrive and log out when your working day ends. It cannot be easier! 


Punch Clock 1

Punch Clock 2

When the in/out time is tracked you can afterwards distribute the hours to the projects, on which you have worked on during the day in one of the time tracking clients, which is included in TimeLog Project – including TimeLog Tracker, the weekly timesheet or the detailed timesheet. 
Another new feature in TimeLog Salary is that it is now possible to define which of the three salary time tracking options within the TimeLog Salary module, each user should use. It used to be the same method for all employees, but now you can choose what method the user should use on each employee card.

This enables you to collect salary time in a more flexible way, since there is a big difference in how the employee in a production area tracks his/her time compared to an administrative employee at the office.

Punch Clock 3

On the employee card in the System Administration you choose if the employee should use salary time in the weekly timesheet or in/out registration – or none of them.


Here are the user manuals to get started with the salary time tracking:

Tracking of in/out working hours with TimeLog Salary

Distributing in/out working hours on the weekly timesheet

Distributing working hours under Salary Specification on the weekly timesheet


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