TL Consulting is TimeLog’s new consultant unit


A new department within TimeLog has seen the light of day: TL Consulting is the name of TimeLog's consultants, who take care of the implementation for new customers – and help existing customers take advantage of all features and procsesses within TimeLog Project.

”As the name implies TL Consulting is a new independent unit in our existing business. We have chosen this solution, because we saw that our existing customers wanted to take advantage of all features in the system. We want to meet this need with customised courses and customer specific guidance. At the same time our time tracking showed that the consultants, who were primarily responsible for implementation processes and further training of our customers, used a lot of time on i.e. support questions”, states Søren Lund, CEO at TimeLog and initiator of the new department.

TimeLog’s customers have an increasing focus on resource management as they get more hold of central processes regarding time tracking and project management. The customers focus on utilising their investment and optimise processes. Therefore the customers greatly welcome the new tools for resource management.

Do what we do best

We in TimeLog of course use our own system to set the strategy in our company and use time tracking and project management to get an overview and see if we live up to our goals and also if these goals are supported by our processes. During 2012 we could conclude, that our service department could use the hours with a greater output for our customers by dedicating their time to implementation and guidance. That is why TL Consulting was created.

An opportunity to be better suited as a company

The new department with TimeLog's consultants has already proved to be very rewarding. The consultants now focus on what they do best - education, guidance and implementation for new and existing customers. They are your ticket to get more out of TimeLog Project and get input on how you can optimise and improve your existing working procedures and processes in TimeLog Project and your company in general. TimeLog’s consultants are Pernille Gaustad and Thomas Gudmandsen.



Documented and process oriented approach

The two consultants share the tasks within education and workshops, which are held in your own company or at our facilities at Frederiksberg.

Based on a fixed questionnaire our consultants are able to place your company in a very precise analysis tool to find out your exact needs for process optimisation. The method enables us to customise implementation procedures accurately to your company and situation. As a customer you will experience high commitment from our consultants, who are able to map out the needs for optimisation in your company. The analysis results can be used as a reference and an indication tool for you as customers. We want to help you go FROM GOOD TO GREAT with this TimeLog Excellence-proces.

Lean back and let us do the job

The method TimeLog uses build on international documented result from several studies of large and small companies using project management tools. With this instrument and more than 10 years of experience, you can lean back and let us help you with everything from implementation to further development of your processes. Focus is on a further professionalization of customer related processes in TimeLog Project and profit for our customers.

Contact us via phone +4570 200 645 or via email and have an informal talk with one of our consultants about the opportunities for your company.


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