Project management and time tracking with Navision and Axapta


TimeLog launches a new integration for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, which not only synchronizes customer and invoice data - but also minimizes the costs for expensive licenses.

Navision and Axapta are popular accounting systems for a good reason. The systems contain an impressing flexibility, several purchasing modules and extensive management and report functions. When you combine TimeLog’s effective tools for project management and time tracking with strong financial management tools, there are almost no boundaries for the synergy and job satisfaction you can achieve. Not only in the financial department, but in the entire company.

A systematic symphony

The big difference between TimeLog Project and the financial systems lies within the structure - the financial systems are account based, whereas TimeLog Project is task oriented. This means that project managers find themselves more comfortable using TimeLog Project, whereas the financial department needs their accounting structure and overview, which is given in the financial system. When TimeLog Project and Navision/Axapta are integrated, both parties find their needs fulfilled and achieve the best working conditions.

Two-way synchronization of customers and contacts

As soon as you make a change on a customer or a contact within either Navision/Axapta or TimeLog Project, it will be registered and updated in the other system and vice versa. After the integration is activated, you can decide how and when you want to synchronize data and in what system master data is administered.

Import of expenses

If you handle project expenses in your accounting system, you can easily import the information into TimeLog Project and add it to the projects. This makes it easier for project managers to have an overview of the financial aspects of the projects and later invoice accurately and without delays, when all expenses are ready on the project. This way the project manager can easily handle the entire project from time tracking, budgeting and invoicing – and the financial department has more time for their own tasks, since all relevant data is synchronized between the two systems.

Easy setup – minimize consultant expenses

The integration between TimeLog Project and Navision/Axapta is handled by an application, which is installed on your server. The application makes sure that a connection can be made to either Navision or Axapta directly from TimeLog Project. From here you choose which system has the master data and how often you want to synchronize data. In very short time you have installed a solution that saves you money for expensive licenses as you save licenses for the project managers and for project members, which otherwise would cost you a lot of money.

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