An extension to the e-conomic integration.

An extension to the e-conomic integration

It is already possible with the integrations for Navision and Axapta. With the new update of the e-conomic integration that is available as of this week, you can also see e-conomic invoice numbers directly in TimeLog Project.

When you want to search for e-conomic invoice numbers in TimeLog Project, you use the function Search invoice and from here you can search for specific invoice numbers from e-conomic.

It will be much easier for especially project managers to answer questions regarding invoices from customers, when you can search for them in TimeLog Project. The customer will have the invoice number from e-conomic and it is possible for the project manager to quickly search for the invoice. It will save time and improve communication with customers.

Extra: New ignore button to old non-transferred invoices

It is now possible to mark invoices, which should not be transferred to e-conomic and thereby ignore them in the interface Transfer invoices to e-conomic. Maybe you have a lot old invoices, which are already manually created in e-conomic. By ignoring these, you do not need to consider them every time. It makes the whole process of transferring invoices faster and easier.

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