Focus on time tracking with TimeLog Project Basic Edition


Do you only need simple time tracking on your projects, and management of salary time such as flex and absence? Then TimeLog Project Basic Edition is the right edition for you.

A new edition of TimeLog Project has seen the light of day. It addresses the companies and organisations, which only need simple time tracking and no in-depth project management, resource management and invoicing, which is available in TimeLog Project Business and Enterprise Edition. The Basic edition includes all TimeLog Project’s time tracking clients such as salary management of flex, holiday and absence.

Track your time and export it to the salary system

TimeLog Project Basic Edition’s focal point is user friendly time tracking and salary management, that shows which projects time is spend on and whether it follows the overall strategy of the company. Furthermore, you can export salary data and import it into your salary system to get an overview of vacation, absence and flex. You can either use our default data extraction reports or use the integrations for Visma Salary, LESSOR Løn and Hogia Løn+.

If you want to expand your salary management to keep track of the rules of employees appointed on a group contract basis, you can more about it here. Then it will be possible to set up different flex calculations, all depending on the rule setup within your company.

If you later want to expand your system to include project management and resource management, it is possible to upgrade to TimeLog Project Business Edition or Enterprise Edition at any time.

Get an overview of the different editions' cost and functionalities here.

If you want to know more about the new edition, you are welcome to contact us for further information on or phone +45 70 200 645.

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