New extension of standard integration for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX


Once again we have extended our standard integrations for MS Dyn NAV and MS Dyn AX. This extension makes room for even further integration points, which makes the connection between the two systems even simpler to administrate and more user friendly.

The customers using MS Dyn NAV are supported with the new integration points, where customers, projects, tasks, employees, departments and project expenses are created in this system, and afterwards automatically transferred to TimeLog Project. Resources / employees are linked to projects and time tracked in either TimeLog Project or MS Dyn NAV. The time trackings are transferred to the right accounts in the financial system after approval from the manager and possibly the project manager. This integration scenario is typically usable in bigger organisations, which use time tracking for allocation of costs, and have many users across many organisational units.

The new opportunities do not change the existing and simpler NAV /AX / e-conomic integrations targeted for the invoicing companies, which alone features synchronisation of customer archives in the two systems and transfer of draft invoices from TimeLog Project to the financial system.

The extensions are already available.

Contact our consultants, if you are interested in learning more.

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