The New TimeLog Project in beta

The New TimeLog Project in beta

We are proud to announce that The New TimeLog Project is now in beta testing at six dedicated customers in Denmark.

Ahead of this lays six months design work, 15 months of development, and three months of intensive testing and stabilisation, before we are finally ready to invite our customers in to the new universe. It is a new universe, indeed. TimeLog Project is now using the whole screen effectively. Long menus have been replaced by an easy and clear navigation with inspiring use of area colours. The security model has been altered and is now fully flexible with regards to roles and rights. Last but not least, we have made an exhaustive enlargement of the system’s online help.

It has been critical for the new release that existing customers should be able to re-establish everyday life right away after the upgrade. This means that the well-known areas such as the timesheet, project module, invoicing module and reports have the same structure and functionalities, but they all have the new and modern design.

We expect the beta phase to last the coming 3-4 weeks depending on the feedback we receive from the beta customers. When we are ready to release TimeLog Project to all customers, it will be controlled in smaller groups of 25-50 customers per day. Vi expect to have fully released to 95% of our customers by the end of September 2014.

Prior to the upgrade, every user will be informed in the information section, and super users will receive an email with information about the upgrade. All customers have the opportunity to postpone the upgrade, if you are not ready for the big changes on the proposed date. Maybe due to internal procedures, need for re-writing process documentation, or an upcoming invoicing period. Every customers must be upgraded by December, 31 2014.

If you are interested in receiving a PDF introduction about The New TimeLog already now, please send an email to

We hope you will give The New TimeLog Project a good reception.

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