TimeLog Project 6.0 - focus on user friendliness and design

TimeLog re-thinks design and navigation

In the new version of TimeLog Project, we have re-designed a 13-year-old user interface with focus on user friendliness and mobility.

In TimeLog we believe that software anno 2014 should look nice, be colourful, easy to search and navigate through, and self-explaining.

Therefore, we have the single user in focus in our new version of TimeLog Project, to make it easy, quick and be a good experience working with the system on a day to day basis. We have adapted the system so it is now possible to use it on mobile phones and tablets.

Except chancing the navigation and design, we have the following new features, all with focus on user friendliness:

Individual roles and rights management

You may adjust every single user's access to functionalities by applying roles and rights management. This gives the opportunity to simplify the system, as the single user only sees what is necessary. Furthermore, we have built in precautionary measures, which on user level allows you to define e.g. who may book invoices.


Help is near

Every page in TimeLog Project has its own help page. If this is not satisfying, you may write your own help texts and create your own or common workflows within the system, e.g. a workflow for invoicing.



Find you favourites right away

Mark the single interfaces you use the most as favourites. It could be a specific report or customer, this is your choice. It makes navigating the system even faster.


Do you want to know more about the new possibilities?

If you want to see how the new TimeLog Project works, you may try a non-binding demo, and discover how easy your workday can be organised. You can also learn more about the new version here.


Try the new TimeLog Project!

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