Interesting cooperation between Trine Kolding and TimeLog

Avoid stress, reach your goals and make more money!

Does this sound too good to be true? Not in our opinion.

Trine Kolding and TimeLog have entered into an agreement with the common objective to spread the word and focus on the importance of time planning, both to avoid stress, reach personal and business goals, and make more money!

Time as focal point 

We are always in the lack of it, and we always long for more; time! Time is a focal point for most people, and it is often to maintain a good work life balance. Trine Kolding and TimeLog both offer tools to help take advantage of our time. Trine Kolding is a "time realist", and with five book publications, she makes a living as coach, hostess for courses and presentations about how to best manage our time.

”Time tracking helps you keep track of your time. At the same time it shows how much time you really need to complete the different tasks. With time tracking you create the foundation for realistic planning, bidding and invoicing.”

Trine Kolding, from her book ”Få styr på tiden” 2007.

TimeLog offers an online time tracking system for companies where time is the most important good. TimeLog supports the company’s work processes and helps everyone from upper management to the single on-the-floor employee to reach the goals and value their time. 

Get inspirered

The cooperation between Trine Kolding and TimeLog include a go-home meeting in April, and a presentation at the TimeLog seminar in September 2015. Besides that Trine and TimeLog will publish entries for TimeLog's blog.

If you want to be more effective and at the same time be present, maintain and overview and make everything on time, sign up for TimeLog's newsletter and get inspiration and help to reach your goals.




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