Mark a task as completed in TimeLog Project

Tuning TimeLog Project based on user feedback

In TimeLog we take the feedback we get from the customers seriously. After each major release we spent time to tune the product, based on the feedback we get from our users.

In the coming period we will improve some of the features of the new large release, to ensure an even better experience working with TimeLog Project.
The first feature to get a spin, is the minor feature released this spring, the ability to mark a task as completed.

Note: this extension is only available in the latest version 6.0 of TimeLog Project.

Deactivation of the option to complete a task
The option to mark a task as completed is a feature that was requested by a lot of customers. Typically where they have multiple employees working on the same task. Although one of the allocated employees completed their work on a task, the task would still appear in the active task list for this employee, until everyone completed the work on the task and the task was closed.

For this reason, we had a lot of requests to let the single employee mark their work on the task as completed, so the task would disappear from their timesheet


Picture 1. The checkbox to mark the task as completed in the weekly timesheet.

Features rarely fits everyone. This is why we now have implemented an option to deactivate the feature.

Configuration of “mark task as completed” feature
Before this refactor, it was already possible to configure the feature and now it is also possible to deactivate it completely. 

Go to System administration -> Projects -> Project module settings and locate the last section Scheduling. Here you can configure the feature

  • (De-)activate the feature by (un-)checking the setting Let employee mark tasks as completed
  • Check the setting Allow employees to re-open completed allocations, to give the employee the option of opening the task again themselves.
  • Activate the automation option, where the system closes a task when the last allocated employee mark the task as completed, by checking the Automatically complete tasks when final allocation is marked as completed

NOTE: You can activate a notification to the project manager when the system closes a task. This is done in System administration -> Projects -> E-mail notifications

mark task as completed

Picture 2. How to activate or deactivate the function in the System administration. 

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