Visma Administration integrates with TimeLog Project

Integration for Visma Administration 1000 & 2000

Besides the integrations for e-conomic and Microsoft NAV/AX, TimeLog now offers an integration for Visma Administration. The sense of one system

The sense of one system

Visma Administration customises solutions for managing accounts, finance and the day-to-day running of the business. An integration with TimeLog Project, which combines exact time tracking with financial project management, and Visma Administration, gives the sense of one ERP-system.

An ERP-system made of the best from two worlds!

The integration will lead to easier working procedures in the departments of the company. Project leaders can focus on moving projects in position without losing hours, and the financial department gets the optimal tool and an overview of the bookkeeping and budgets. 

Save time on administration

A standard integration like this provides clear advantages in everyday life, saving you time on invoicing. The integration contains:

  • Automatic synchronisation of customers and contact persons
  • Automatic update of invoice status and number from Visma Administration to TimeLog Project
  • Import of both expenses and item numbers to TimeLog Project

You can read more about the interesting solution here.

If you use Visma Salary 300 or 600, we also have a file integration for the two systems making it possible to import invoice and salary information between Visma and TimeLog Project.

You are welcome to contact us at or call us at +45 70 20 06 45. We are ready to answer your questions and give a detailed explanation.



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Melanie S. Nielsen
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