User friendliness in TimeLog Project given a boost

Three requested product news

TimeLog Project has been made more user friendly with three minor adjustments.

At TimeLog we continuously work on adjusting and improving TimeLog Project to be as userfriendly as possible, and to fit our customers’ needs.

Three minor adjustments have now made it easier:

  • Internal reference on invoices
  • Setup of invoicing data
  • Deactivation of contact persons

Internal reference on invoices

The internal reference on invoices no longer has to be the project leader, but may be set up as a unique reference for each customer.

Internal reference

When creating a new customer you may choose who is entered as internal reference on the invoice. Thereafter, it will be the standard for all invoices for the customer. It is of course possible to change this directly on the invoice, if needed.

You may also do a standard setup in the System administration -> Finance -> Default settings for new invoices -> Default values on new invoices -> Internal reference. Here you can choose the project manager, the customer owner or a specific person from your company, who should be stated on the invoice, unless you actively choose someone else for the customer.

Internal reference2

If the person you want to add is not listed, you first need to add him/her as a new employee.

Setup of invoicing data

With a little adjustment, it is now possible to choose the default order of the postal code and city name on the invoice templates.

If a company has customers in other countries, e.g. the US, it is beneficial to be able to enter the city before the postal code.

It is set up in the System administration -> Finance -> Invoice templates -> Edit invoice template -> Recipient data.

recipient data

Deactivation of contact persons

If you have a long list of contact persons for a customer, you can choose to deactivate the contacts that are no longer in use.

You do this by ticking the box next to active under contact persons.

Find the Customer -> Contacts -> Name of the contact person and mark if the contact person is active or not. It may be activated at any time, clicking the box again. When a contact person has been deactivated, it disappears from all listings and the customer database.

In-active contats
It is always possible to find deactivated contact persons under Customer -> Contacts -> More search options -> Choose contact status -> Search for inactive.

search in contacts



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