Project Spartan - the newest version of Internet Explorer

Microsoft settles with the past

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is a known brand. For many it is a synonym for the Internet, and the browser is used by many people.

Microsoft settles with the past

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the browser Internet Explorer has lost credibility, and for many it is equivalent to bad performance. Internet Explorer got the bad reputation due to bad security, and because it does not meet current standards.

To shake of the old reputation, Microsoft has chosen to call the new version of the browser Project Spartan to distance itself from the older versions of Internet Explorer.

Project Spartan

In January this year, Microsoft presented its new version, Project Spartan, which will be a part of Windows 10. The new features in Project Spartan are among others:

  • Cortana support, which is a female robot voice that answers your questions, and she can even tell you jokes
  • Take notes directly from the browser and save them in OneNote
  • A reading list, which gives a better extract and saves texts, which can be read offline and be synchronised between PC and mobile phone

It also includes a new interface similar to the Chrome browser with texts in the tabs. IF you want to read more about Microsoft’s new version, you can do it here.  

TimeLog Project and Internet explorer

In TimeLog we have had challenges with the performance in Internet Explorer. It is not optimal, and we are looking for a solution for this.

One of the reasons is that Internet Explorer does not support HTML5 as good as other of the most used browsers. HTML is the so called mark-up language, which is used to structure and present content on the internet.

The newest version of TimeLog Project is made in HTML5, because HTML5 among other things can deliver sites to different platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android and normal desktop browsers) with only minor modification to the coding.

It is possible to test how good the most known browsers support HTML5. In this test, Internet Explorer comes in last.


Internet Explorer 11 only scores 336 of 555, where Google Chrome 39 scores 501. See the test here.

If you have issues using TimeLog Project in Internet Explorer, we recommend you to try another browser.

We are still working on localising and optimising TimeLog Project, so Internet Explorer gets as operable as the other browsers.

Due to the current version of Internet Explorer, we recommend the following browsers to get the best usage of the system:

  • Google Chrome version 36 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox version 31 or newer
  • Safari version 7 or newer

If you want to use Internet Explorer, the minimum requirement is version 10 or newer.

Read more about the technical information connected to an upgrade to TimeLog Project version 6.0.

You are always welcome to contact our support at or via phone +45 70 200 645 if you experience any issues with the system.


Melanie S. Nielsen

Melanie S. Nielsen
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